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Pandigital Photolink One-Touch PANSCN05 4-Inch x6-Inches Photo and Slide and Negative Scanner (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Works great!
Bought this for my wife to copy old photos in to the computer. Worked so well I recently bought the larger one so she can do some of the larger photos.

Been wanting one for so long. I guess more expensive ones are better but this works great for me. Once most of your ola negatives are enlarger to view on your computer screen you realize that your cameria skills are not as good as they are when seen on a snap shot print.

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Crystalites 12409 Acrylic Crochet Hook Gift Set

Awesome crochet hooks!
I love these crochet hooks. They are easy to use and they feel nice in my hands. Other crochet hooks make my hands cramp up really easily, and I’m only 18!! lol 🙂

Crochet Hook Set
These are very large hooks… and the only ones I could find to complete a pattern I wanted to make. I honestly don’t have any others of this size to compare. I’ve always preferred plastic hooks over metal for larger crocheting projects, only using metal for smaller items like doilies. Hooks are normally a matter of personal choice.

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Samsung CF390 Series Curved 24-Inch FHD Monitor (C24F390)

After having the monitor for several weeks I come to appreciate the curved design and of course the picture quality of the CF390. The monitor is lightweight so I placed it on a small piece of lauan plywood secured with zip ties and use an Acer CX12 chromebox as the computer located on the floor. We are able to place the setup on our laps as a low-cost alternative to a laptop.

Monitor looks and works great, however the stand is not adjustable and rests …
Monitor looks and works great, however the stand is not adjustable and rests at a downward angle for some odd reason. I have to put a small book under the front of the stand just for the monitor to face straight. Such a nice monitor you would think that they would have the stand hold up the monitor properly. When the monitor is off a blue light turns on which lights up my room at night, Not a big deal but my computer look like garbage tilted on a book and with a piece of black tape covering the front light. And on top of all that I found a dead pixel not even 2 full weeks in use.

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Cabinet Lock for Child Safety. Unbreakable Durable Plastic Locks. Baby Proofing by Sure Basics

The locks do a great job of securing my cabinets
The locks do a great job of securing my cabinets. They are easy to connect and disconnect. Thank you

Perfect for lazy parents 🙂
So before you buy these keep in mind these are annoying to take on and off all day. I recommend getting the ones that screw inside the cabinet. It’s more work on the front-end, but a lot easier for later. But, my husband and I can be lazy / busy so we put these on all our double cabinets on the floor. The work great and serve their purpose.

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Burt’s Bees Baby – Set of 4 Bee Essentials Lap Shoulder Bibs, 100% Organic Cotton, Heather Grey Variety

My favorite bib
These are my go-to bibs because baby can’t rip them off like he does Velcro bibs. The material is very soft. They wash well.

Big disappointment!
Bought this bib set for my granddaughter? When they arrived and were opened there was a strong smell of laundry detergent, which led her parents to believe that one or more of the bibs had been washed. I was under the impression that I was buying new merchandise, when in fact some of them obviously had been used. Will never again buy from this seller!!! Would give 0 stars if possible.

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Lomanco Power Vent Motor Replacement F0510B2944

Motor shipped without stator. Stay away from this vendor.
Went to install the motor and found the whole stator assembly missing out of the motor. The only thing in the box was the loose housing around the rotor. Now, I am no electrician but I believe when you order a motor you expect it to be complete and that the two main parts of any electric motor is the rotor and stator. without one or the other you only have a shiny paperweight. Returned for refund.

Well made replacement motor.
Great replacement fan motor for my roof vent. Runs quietly and it has openings near the bearings so you can add oil.

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KOBRA OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth Scan Tool Adapter, Car Code Reader for Android & Windows Devices, OBD Scanner Wirelessly Feeds Your Cars Data To Your Phone! Check Engine Light Eliminator for All Cars!

Works good!
I have two of these one was more $$ and then I bought this one which looks the same as my other one and works just as good.

If you have a car, you need to have this.
I bought this to run battery checks on Prii when I was in the market for one. This saved me from buying a Prius with a bad battery. I looked at many Prii and many of them had problematic battery readouts. So, this thing saved me a bundle just in that regard. I’ve since used it on my truck, on my friends’ vehicles, and on the Prius I bought based on what this little device was able to tell me. Paired with the OBDCheck app this thing is one of the coolest and most useful devices I own.

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Summer Infant Double Safety Bedrail, Grey

Reduces Worry About Falling Off
I put these on a queen sized bed because of co-sleeping with a baby/toddler. The bed is pretty high and these greatly reduce concerns about the baby falling off. I would like to have been able to buy some that are a bit longer but just like this. We centered these on the sides and use pillows to reduce/block gap near headboard and foot. Because of the length really 4 1/2 stars.

Worry free sleeping.
No more worries about the little ones tumbling out of bed, no matter how much sleep traveling they do. Made the transition from crib to bed super easy.

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XIAOWU True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Earphone Dual V4.1 Bluetooth Headphones with Built-in Mic and Charging Case Noise Cancelling Stereo Mini Headset for iPhone Samsung iPad Android (black)

Awesome, Great sound, Portability, and Secure
Awesome, I can use only one ear piece. Feels great in my ear and the sound is the best. I like the way it charges quickly – It has light that lets you know it is charged. I can pause a song, redial, voice command is super. It lets me know when the call has ended making sure the other person is no longer there listening to whatever I have to say.

Great sounding device for the price. Easy to use. Charging is easy also. 2 cons. First one, no pouch to store them when your traveling. The charging station, although is very small, it’s too big to carry around in your pocket. Second con, there’s no marking for LEFT or RIGHT channel. When the device pairs up, it identifies LEFT and RIGHT channel. User would need to switch earbuds. For those 2 reason I give the product 4.75 STARS.

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