KOBRA OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth Scan Tool Adapter, Car Code Reader for Android & Windows Devices, OBD Scanner Wirelessly Feeds Your Cars Data To Your Phone! Check Engine Light Eliminator for All Cars!

Works good!
I have two of these one was more $$ and then I bought this one which looks the same as my other one and works just as good.

If you have a car, you need to have this.
I bought this to run battery checks on Prii when I was in the market for one. This saved me from buying a Prius with a bad battery. I looked at many Prii and many of them had problematic battery readouts. So, this thing saved me a bundle just in that regard. I’ve since used it on my truck, on my friends’ vehicles, and on the Prius I bought based on what this little device was able to tell me. Paired with the OBDCheck app this thing is one of the coolest and most useful devices I own.

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