Dell Power Companion 6 Cell 18000 mAh (WCKF2)

Now includes the dongle for 2015 XPS 13
I bought this for my XPS 13 (9350, 2015 model). To my surprise, the battery did come with the required dongle; you do not have to purchase an additional dongle for the 2015 versions of the XPS 13 and XPS 15. Unfortunately, I assumed that I would need an additional dongle and purchased data-hook=”product-link-linked” class=”a-link-normal” =”/Lucco-Dc-Power-Dongle-Supply-Converter-Charger-Adapter-Cable-for-Dell-Vostro-5460-V5460-and-for-Hp-M4-Pavilion-15-e029tx-Xps12-13-Ultrabook-Laptop/dp/B00PRXBLXU/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_rvw_txt?ie=UTF8″>Lucco Dc Power Dongle Supply Converter Charger Adapter Cable for Dell Vostro 5460 V5460 and for Hp M4 Pavilion 15-e029tx Xps12 13 Ultrabook Laptop. (On a side note, I have found this dongle quite handy since it allows me to use my older dell power supplies with my new laptop.) The battery is not able to charge dell laptops that requires a high wattage. When I tried charging an older XPS 15 (approximately 2 years old), the battery is not able to charge the laptop. However, it is able to run the laptop. The laptop simply reduces its power settings to match the wattage output of the battery.

… 13 (2015 edition with Skylake CPUs) and it works great. It comes with the power connector that plugs …
I got this for my XPS 13 (2015 edition with Skylake CPUs) and it works great. It comes with the power connector that plugs into your device to charge, but it does not come with the cables required to charge the power companion itself. You must charge the power companion with the cables that came with your device. There was a BIOS update available, but I didn’t need to update the XPS 13 for the power companion to work. The power companion charges my laptop perfectly. I haven’t done any tests to determine how many extra hours I can get, but it lasts long enough that I’m happy with this product. It is also capable of charging cell phones and tablets at the same time. It’s a large, but it weighs less than a pound so I don’t really notice it in my backpack. I highly recommend this product.

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