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Bosch Clear Advantage 24CA Wiper Blade – 24" (Pack of 1)

These fit like a glove on my BMW e60
These fit like a glove on my BMW e60. They are better than the original BMW wiper blades. Super easy to install and you save money = win.

I recommend spending the big bucks for the MB originals from …
Worked , but marginally, not holding tight. iIs sitting .5" (1/2") higher than the original wiper. I recommend spending the big bucks for the MB originals from boch .

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NiZHi TT-028 MP3 Mini Digital Portable Music Player Micro SD USB FM Radio (Black)

Stopped working
After some hours using it, it stopped recognizing USB memories, showing "NO" message on screen. Tried different USB memories, 8GB, 16GB, FAT32 formatted, battery fully charged, etc, all with same result. Faulty unit I guess.

We love them!
I got one of these and then got one for my sister. Brings the music you want anywhere you go and in a very small, space saving way. We love them!

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Hobart 770074 Welding Mig Accessory Nozzle Gel

some does stick but what does is very easy to remove when you use this
helps keep the slag and spatter from sticking to the MIG nozzle. some does stick but what does is very easy to remove when you use this gel

A “MUST HAVE” for mig welding.
I bought a welder about 15 years ago- it was 115 volt and was a cheapo no name brand. It only used flux core- and the seller had rigged it to use gas- so it was definitely jury rigged at best. I remember going to the welding store and telling the guy that I kept getting little specks spraying all over- and making a mess. he said that this nozzle dip would solve that. I was skeptical. NOW_ I wont leave home without it. This is a must have for mig welding–it eliminates spatter and wire getting stuck in the contact tip. It makes life so much easier and your welds so much better. It wont compensate for poor technique- but it does eliminate the problems that sometimes are there with mig welding. I highly recommend this- Its a must have in my book. THere are many brands at all prices- but I have found the hobart to be as good or better than any- so I don’t make any exceptions. I always buy the hobart.

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Cyber Acoustics 2.0 Desktop Multimedia Computer Speaker (CA-2014)

This is my second set of these in 12 years…
I had a set of these speakers that I bought in 2005 and recently one of them quit working. I highly recommend these speakers for their durability. They don’t have the biggest sound in the world but if you are just listening to some music while working on your computer, they will work fine. I would never recommend them for someone who games, they aren’t built for that kind of sound.

… These speakers worked for what I …
…These speakers worked for what I intended to use them for my PC..not my stereo..

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Chrome Legend by Azzaro For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray 4.2-Ounces

Blind buy
Blind buy, and I love it. There’s a citrusy vibe to it but it isn’t overwhelming, very pleasant actually, makes the opening slightly complex. Beautiful scent though, great day wear. 100% recommended buy.

Would not buy again
Smelled good for a very brief amount of time (maybe an hour), after that co-workers started saying that it smelled liked vinegar. It even started getting to me, I had to change clothes and shower to get rid of the awful and strong smell. Used two sprays from the bottle- will not use another… into the trash it goes.

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Car Seat Cushion with Strap – THICK 3 Inch Drivers Wedge | Coccyx Support for Back, Hip and Leg Pain | Orthopedic Clever Memory Foam with Breathable Mesh Cover | 18 Inches Front, 16 Inches Back

Raises her up perfect and comfortable
Wife lived it. Raises her up perfect and comfortable. She’s 5 ‘2"

Good cushion
This is well made product. Not only that it seems to work well in lessening road shocks. Had it just a few days but it seems like it will be durable. Nice service from seller.

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FastSnail Joy-Con Grips, Wear-resistant Joy-con Handle for Switch, 2 Pack (Red and Blue)

Good Stuff
A lot better feeling to hold than the default controller. Definitely cheap material, but I don’t see how that’s much of an issue. Also, it doesn’t matter which grips you get – it’s all the same, but – the shoulder buttons you need to press down on the area closest to the center, however, just having the whole button move is a lot more comfortable and not painful in comparison to pressing the small buttons normally. Will probably buy more once I can afford extra controllers.

Hard Plastic, so they will last, thanks so much, although Joy Cons a little harder to pull out than most claim they are, I have to use something to pop the cons out, since I have small fingers, but not Small Enough. :p But the product is awesome love both two orders. And sell was incredibly nice and not a scammer.

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Bumkins Waterproof SuperBib 3 Pack, G48 (Gray Chevron/Confetti/Balloons) (6-24 Months)

I like these bibs
I like these bibs. They’re easy to clean and stay on even though the baby is pulling them all the time. I wish though that they were a little more snug around his neck. He still manages to get some food on his shirt.

Love these, we’ve been Bumkins fans for awhile
Love these, we’ve been Bumkins fans for awhile, bought our first set of bibs for our now 11 year old daughter, and this set for her 10 month old baby brother. The quality is great, the colors vibrant, the care easy and they last and last. Definitely recommend this set and their other products.

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MÜV365 Ultimate Comfort Sports Running Armband for iPhone 7/6/6s Plus, Galaxy S6/S7 and All Other Smartphone Models With Case Up To 7”

Not comfortable, but I believe I bought a size too …
Not comfortable, but I believe I bought a size too small. I have an Iphone 6 Plus and it is difficult to get it tucked into place. Not to mention, it needs constant adjustment.

This armband works great for us
This armband works great for us! We have the iPhone 6 plus and it fits perfectly. The armband is very comfortable, we went on a 5 mile hike yesterday and most of the time I forgot it was even there. It has solved the problem of not taking my phone because the phone was hitting my leg because it was in a pants pocket. Looking forward to walking in shorts but still having the phone in case of an emergency.

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